Grace Tabernacle Volunteers Provide Lunches

Mary Pieper and Sharon King , Lunch Volunteers

Mary Pieper and Sharon King of Grace Tabernacle

CWJC is blessed to be able to count on many individuals, Sunday School classes and church voluteers to provide lunches every day classes are in session. Participants, journey partners, staff and volunteers meet at noon to share a potluck-style meal, enjoy a time of fellowship, and clean up afterwards.

Sharon King, Mary Pieper, and the women of Grace Tabernacle are among the many people who have provided meals since finding out about the program two years ago from a couple of their church members. Faithful servants of the Lord, they provide as many as six to eight lunches a session and are always ready to step in to help when needed.

The ladies provide a protein-based main dish and whatever else they believe will taste good with their selection. One of their most requested recipes is for coconut pie.

They say that seeing what God does in the lives of women who complete the program is what motivates them to volunteer. “God blesses us, returns a blessing.”

“There is no respecter of persons here,” Sharon said.

“We just feel like God wants us here,” added Mary.

They cite Kajeanna Jones, a Class 12 graduate and member of their church, as a perfect example of how the program can positively affect a woman. She now works for Betty Hardwick and will graduate from the University of Texas, Permian Basin, with a degree in psychology next year.

Coconut Pie as Prepared by Jean King

one rolled out Pilsbury pie crust baked until golden brown

1 large box vanilla pudding, not instant

1 1/2 tsp cornstarch barely moistened with milk

4 egg yolks

Follow directions on pudding box adding 1 1/2 tsp. of cornstarch barely moistened with milk. After mixture becomes hot, add a little bit of it to the 4 beaten yolks in order to prevent them from curdling. Then add the yolk mixture to the pudding.

4 eggs whites

Whip 4 eggs whites with about 1/2 cup of sugar and about a tsp. of vanilla extract.

Assemble pie, sprinkle coconut flakes on meringue, then bake until the meringue is set.