New Employees

We began our 2016 year with new staff workers. Shirley Gossard is not new, of course, but now she can be Executive Director and not have to chase all the other things that are required to make this operation work.

Darla Richardson has become our site director. She is responsible for everyday functions and certainly got us organized!

Kathy Stevens is a great asset to CWJC in her capacity as Employment Coordinator. She helps familiarize business owners with our ministry and works with the women and grads to target their individual skills with particular businesses and positions. She also helps teach Jobs for Life.

Debi Stewart, who is one of our graduates, is our Alumni Coordinator. She helps teach Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World and works in the office.

These are the ladies that God has placed at CWJC to help with the necessary tasks that make CWJC so successful.

Multiple volunteers teach, mentor, prepare meals, take care of the clothes closet, answer the telephone, help with office work, and more. We could not function without all of this great volunteer help.

We covet your prayers for CWJC/CMJC as we strive to give men and women a place to better themselves and to prepare for employment as they become closer to God and learn to trust Him to help them in their daily living.